INTOPUP® is a service provided by VOX telecom SA, a firmly established Swiss company celebrating its 10th anniversary. VOX telecom SA was founded in 2003 by telecommunications pioneers and initially the company focused on delivery of wholesale international voice services. Since inception the company has shown a continual dynamism, an unrivalled efficiency, an unanimously lauded professionalism and an impressive growth.



For having been involved in another venture related to mobile payments, the CEO of VOX telecom SA anticipated the advent of international remittances and the role that international airtime transfer could play as complementary solution for migrants in sending small amounts across borders to their family and friends.



It is so naturally that the company launched two years ago a second line of products, the INTERNATIONAL MOBILE TOPUP SERVICE. Taking advantage of its broadly recognized skills in telecommunications wholesale services, VOX telecom SA has rapidly become a leading company in international airtime transfer and is now handling millions of transactions monthly. VOX telecom SA recently deployed its “state of the art” INTOPUP® platform, an international airtime topup hub capable of interconnecting small and large distribution networks to its great palette of Mobile Network Operators connections over the world. VOX telecom SA leverages this brand new infrastructure to consolidate its historical and traditional commitment  towards its Customers and to accelerate its tremendous and successful expansion.


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